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Download VidMate Old Version for your Android devices. You will get a direct download link of VidMate Old Version without any viruses. VidMate is an application in which you can listen to and download videos and audio in any format to your mobile phone. With this app, you can download any video from YouTube. With the help of the VidMate Old Version, you can download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp status. If you are watching a video and you like it, you can download it using the VidMate app. To download that video, you will need the VidMate Old Version App. Only through VidMate can you download that video to your mobile phone and watch the downloaded video offline as well. In addition, you can watch and download any show, web series, movie, or social media video on the VidMate APK.

The capability of VidMate Old Version to download videos in a variety of qualities and formats, such as MP4, AVI, and 3GP, is among its main advantages. This enables consumers to select the format that best fits the compatibility and storage space of their device. Users can download numerous media files at once using VidMate’s quick download abilities.


What is VidMate Old Version?

This is the old version of VidMate that you can easily download. Most people use this old version of VidMate because it takes up less memory than the new version of VidMate. You cannot download VidMate’s old version from the Playstore because no version of VidMate is available on the Playstore. We will explain how to download it in detail in the article below. The old version of VidMate is different from the new version of VidMate. When using VidMates old version 2.36 download, it is important to understand its benefits and drawbacks, as it has less security compared to the new version.

VidMate Old Version Download Information

App Name VidMate Old Version
Requires Android Android 4.3+
Package Name
Category Audio and Video Downloader
Developer VidMate Studio
Downloads 645M+
Price Free

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VidMate Old Version Features

The features of VidMate Old Version are as follows:

  • Featured – Clicking on the featured option in VidMate will display a lot of videos below. You can watch any video and download it of any quality. You can also download audio or video.
  • Video – Clicking on the video option in VidMate Old Version 4.6 download allows you to listen to more trending videos or songs. You can also download them.
  • Movie – Clicking on the movie option in VidMate Old Version allows you to watch Hindi, Hollywood, and South Indian movies. You can watch new and old movies in different languages.
  • Music – Clicking on the music option in VidMate Old Version displays a list of music on the side. You can download any music from this and listen to it.
  • TV Show – Clicking on the TV Show option in VidMate displays a list of TV shows. You can easily and for free watch any Indian show.
  • App – By clicking on the App option in VidMate, you can download any app present in VidMate and install it on your mobile device for use.

Feature on Tips

  • High-Speed Download – When you download any video from VidMate, it uses advanced technology to speed up its speed. That’s why videos get downloaded quickly from this app.
  • Multiple Downloads – You can download multiple videos at the same time. This will save a lot of time.
  • Built-in Browser – Vidmate makes a browser that is built-in. Due to this browser, we can download videos from any website without leaving it.
  • Download Settings – Vidmate has the facility to customize the download settings as per their preference.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Vidmate has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Due to this, it becomes easy to download the video.

How to download and install the VidMate?

Installing VidMate Old Version is very easy. If you want to download VidMate on your mobile, you can easily download it by following the steps given below by us.

To download VidMate Old Version 4.0 download, we need to follow the following steps:

  • To download VidMate, first, click on the download icon given below.
  • After clicking on the download icon, wait for some time.
  • When the app is downloaded, install it on your mobile.
  • After installing, you can now open this app and use it.

VidMate Old Version Screenshots

VidMate Old Version Pros

The benefits of VidMate Old Version are as follows:

  • The size of the VidMate Old Version 2.3 download is smaller, which makes it easy to download.
  • It can be installed on mobile devices with lower storage capacity.
  • Older versions of VidMate have a very simple interface, which is why people prefer this version.
  • Older versions of VidMate can be more stable.

VidMate Old Version Cons

  • If you use the old version of Vidmate, you should be aware that this version may be less secure.
  • Old versions of Vidmate may have fewer functions and features compared to new versions.
  • Some websites may not be compatible with the old version of Vidmate, and some videos may not be supported.
  • Additionally, you may not receive updates and support from developers for the old version, which could cause problems in the future.

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In today’s article, we have explained to you what is VidMate Old Version. What are the features of the VidMate? How to install and download the VidMate old version? As well as the pros and cons of the VidMate. It is an important app and everyone should know about it. We provide information about new apps in the same way on our website. Stay connected with our website to get other important information. Thank you.

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